James McGrath

Find an item in an array of objects

May 17, 2020
1 minute

Let’s look at how to find an item in an array of objects if we know one of the object’s properties.

In the following code example we use the Array.find() to search for the object with the property that is known and assign that object to a variable. Using Array.indexOf() to find the index of the object that we are looking for.

const arrayOfObjects = [
    { id: 123 },
    { id: 43 },
    { id: 8999 },
    { id: 12 },
    { id: 245 }

const theObject = arrayOfObjects.find((obj) => obj.id === 12);
const indexOfTheObject = arrayOfObjects.indexOf(theObject);

console.log(theObject); // { id:12 }
console.log(indexOfTheObject); // 3

Now that we found the index of our object let do something with it.

Let’s assign the object name and nickname properties. Using dot notation we can add name: "William". Next we will overwrite all the properties in the object we searched for using the spread operator. While doing we can add on nickname too. If nickname already existed in the object it would be overwritten with nickname: Bill.

  theObject.name = "William";

  arrayOfObjects[indexOfTheObject] = {...theObject, nickname: 'Bill'};